Restaurant Hong Kong buffet #OaxacasBest


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I’ve made a habit to praise good services and file a complaint for bad service.
Yet, how do you praise the business owner? Well, I made it a point to praise her in front of the staff.
But that’s not enough because I would like to share my great experience with as many people through my postings.

Last Saturday I headed to Oaxaca City after lots of house maintenance work; The sun was intense in my skin and there was a lot of shopping that I needed to get done and I was a little tired to boot.
I only ate a cup of homemade yogurt at noon and its getting closer to 4 pm. I was really craving some food.
I did some errands in Santa Lucia and I decided to go check out this 234 buffet offering; 34 of those were just bean dishes. No, Thank You.

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