Banda de musica Japonesa Wagakki band #OaxacaReview

Amig@s de Oaxaca,
Mi intencion es de informarles sobre esta banda Japonesa.

Wagakki Band

Wagakki Band

Esta banda musical esta compuesto por miembros talentosos que usan instrumentos musicales muy antiguo(s) y le dan coreagrafia moderna

Agente para su compra en China

Servicios de agente para su compra en China desde DVDs hasta ropa

No importando si no hablas Japones. Esta musica trasciende la barrera del lenguaje

Looking for Japanese Products - Find thousands of merchants with millions of unique products-Rakuten Ichiba

Looking for Japanese Products and Services -#Oaxaca-gold for Rakuten Ichiba


OaxacagoldWS News | Education Editor

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Oaxaca Education Opinion

What is wrong with School teaching in Oaxaca? Everything.
How to fix it? Well, My methods of teaching are: 1. Use technology to create good content; Students study at their pace . 2. Track and Monitor progress.

Brazil 2014 World Fifa Cup Trivia.


Brazil 2014 World Fifa Cup Trivia.

Trivia sobre La Copa Mundial En Brazil 2014.

Where is Brazil located?
Adonde esta ubicado Brasil?
Brazil is located in South America, being the biggest country in this region.
It is the biggest country not only in territory but also in population, with over 198 million of people, it is bordered by Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana and Guayana (to the North), Colombia (northwest), Peru and Bolivia (west), Argentina and Paraguay (southwest) and Uruguay (which borders to the south).

Cual es la capital de Brasil?
What is Brazil’s capital?

What is Brazil’s official language?
Cual es el lenguage oficial de Brasil?
Portuguese Language is Brazil’s Official language.

…This is very inspirational…

My prefered Text Editor

sublime logo

Sublime Html Editor

I have tried a few text editor and have pretty much decided on Notepad and Sublime.
Both are simple and easy to use.  The difference is that for Notepad I always start from scratch and with my own codes.
For Sublime I paste codes off the internet and make it my own.
The other ones, I felt; They were taking a lot of disk space and appeared too complicated or too advanced :).
I do not want to spend time reading instructions and I do not want to be asked to install software I am not familiar with or to be reminded to buy the software that I am not comfortable buying in the first place.
How about you?…

Webmaking 101 – Challenge #2 Writing HTML by Hand



So here is my effort at writing HTML by hand.Writing html by hand


It took me about one attempt to write it without making any mistakes. The most annoying thing I found was trying to make sure my < and > symbols did not end up looking like the letter c or brackets () .

Boy, Coding with notepad by far is better.