The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel #OaxacaLaw

La intencion de esta vitacora es de continuar compartiendo la lectura de La Llave Maestra por Charles F. Haanel

  1. Que es el pensamiento?
    El pensamiento es una energia espiritual.

  2. Como se difunde?
    Por la ley de la vibracion.

  3. Como agarra fuerza y vitalidad?
    Por la ley del amor.

  4. Que forma toma y que ley lo respalda?
    La ley de crecimiento.

  5. Que es el secreto de su poder creativo?
    Es la actividad espiritual.

  6. Como nosotros creceriamos en fe, valor y entusiamo para complir nuestras metas y obtener resultados?
    Reconociendo nuestra naturaleza espiritual.

  7. Cual es el secreto del poder?
    Dar Servicio.

  8. Y porque?
    Porque nosotros cosechamos de lo que sembramos.

  9. Que es el silencio?
    Quedarse quieto fisicamente.

  10. Y con que finalidad?
    Es el primer paso para tener auto-adiestramiento y auto-dominio.

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The intention of this post is to continue sharing my experience reading The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel.


31. What is thought?
Thought is spiritual energy.

32. How is it carried?
By the law of vibration.

33. How is it given vitality?
By the law of love.

34. How does it take form?
By the law of growth?

35. What is the secret of its creative power?
It is spiritual activity.

36. How my we develop the faith, courage, and enthusiam which will result in accomplishment?
By a recognition of our spiritual nature.

37. What is the secret of Power?

38. Why is it so?
Because we get what we give.

39. What is Silence?
A physical stillness.

40. Of what value is it?
It is the first step to self-control, self-mastery.

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What is wrong with School teaching in Oaxaca? Everything.
How to fix it? Well, My methods of teaching are: 1. Use technology to create good content; Students study at their pace . 2. Track and Monitor progress.

Tres cosas por lo que estoy agradecido hoy | Oaxaca Editor

1. Tengo internet a alta velocidad en Oaxaca.
2. Tengo una casa y familia lleno de buena vibra.
3. Mi intencion dia a dia es de mejorar y seguir mejorando
Y tu? Cuales son 3 cosas por lo cual estas agradecido?


What went well? | Oaxaca Editor

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I am thankful for the following:

My intention is to share this wonderful exercise with everybody.

I am thankful for finishing one of my websites;
I am thankful for my family’s health;
I am thankful for getting better and better in every way.
What went well for you today?


My prefered Text Editor

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Sublime Html Editor

I have tried a few text editor and have pretty much decided on Notepad and Sublime.
Both are simple and easy to use.  The difference is that for Notepad I always start from scratch and with my own codes.
For Sublime I paste codes off the internet and make it my own.
The other ones, I felt; They were taking a lot of disk space and appeared too complicated or too advanced :).
I do not want to spend time reading instructions and I do not want to be asked to install software I am not familiar with or to be reminded to buy the software that I am not comfortable buying in the first place.
How about you?…